Well Science

Changing the course of respiratory allergies through novel combinations of natural ingredients

Driving Scientific Innovation and Market Growth

At Well Science, we are committed to nurturing scientific innovation to deliver products with high consumer demand, establishing a strong market presence to achieve sustainable long-term growth. Our primary goal is to create shared value for all our stakeholders. As you explore our company, we invite you to learn more about our vision, accomplishments, and the exciting opportunities we offer.

Trusted Partner in Respiratory Allergy Management

We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in respiratory allergy management, where we strive to make a lasting and positive contribution to society. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions, we aim to improve the lives of individuals affected by allergies. Through innovative all-natural approaches, our products are revolutionising the respiratory allergy management landscape, providing effective solutions for a well functioning and balanced immune system.

Our Team

Ian Metcalfe
Chief Executive Officer
Sébastien Holvoet
Chief Scientific Officer
Sarah Elias Matthews
Marketing Manager
Ellen Schroeder
Product Manager

Our Mission

At Well Science, we are driven by a profound mission: to help those with respiratory allergies live better and more active lives. Our unwavering commitment to our customers is at the core of everything we do. By prioritising their needs and actively listening to their voices, we continuously strive to provide innovative solutions that make a real difference.

Our Brands

BlossomUp is a novel food supplement developed by Well Science. With its innovative combination of all-natural active ingredients, BlossomUp is designed to improve your quality of life through the pollen season. BlossomUp contains neither flavour enhancers nor preservatives. It is made exclusively from ingredients of natural origin and is 100% Swiss made. This carefully developed blend of ingredients provides an effective and natural ally for the pollen season.

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Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory
Carine Blanchard
Chief Scientific Officer for Aldena
Scientific Advisory
Anurag Singh
Chief Medical Officer for Amazentis
Techincal Advisory
Carlos Cueto Morales
In/Entrepreneurs Start-Ups Spawner

Our Investors & Partners

At Well Science we like to work with investors and partners that share our passion and commitment to nutrition, health, and scaling our business in a meaningful way for our customers.
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